Personal Coaching for PGA/LPGA Pros

As you well know, on the professional golf tours every stroke is worth thousands of dollars. If you are a professional golfer, I can help you put more money in your bank account by improving your mental game.  If you are an amateur golfer, I can help you have more fun and get the most out of your game.

My Mental Keys books and Polish The Wheel audio will give you a great understanding of how you can improve your mental game and help you to lower your score.

After you read and study my materials if you desire my personal coaching to help fine-tune your mental game to an even higher level and shave more strokes off your score, I am available by appointment via Skype.

My consultations are via Skype in order for me to share my Powerpoint presentation with you as if we were sitting down next to each other with my yellow pad as I explain The Mental Keys mental training program to you and answer your questions.

To develop a great mental game it's critical for you to realize that your emotional and mental state affects the chemistry of your brain, which in turn affects your ability to perform.  The next critical step is your ability to reprogram your mind to optimize your chemistry so you can play at your highest level and in the zone.

Three Mental Training Coaching options are available for professional golfers to select from:

1) $500 USD per pro session

2) $1,500 USD monthly retainer for up to 4 sessions a month

3) $3,000 USD for a 3 month retainer for up to 12 sessions

4) $250 USD per amateur session

All fees are payable in advance by credit card or PayPal in USD.

Coaching Retainers

If you are interested in my personal coaching, please email me at or call me to schedule a mutually convenient time.  FYI - I'm in the Pacific Time Zone.

My Skype ID is "mentalkeys"

Keep polishing your wheel,

Michael Anthony

(925) 786-2262

“If you want to shoot lower scores, I highly recommend that you study and use The Mental Keys.  It helps my students and will definitely help you.”
- Vic Wilk, Butch Harmon School of Golf
“What you explained in two hours took me over twenty years to learn.”
- Linda Vollstedt, Former Women's Golf Coach ASU, Record six NCAA titles
“We adopted ‘The Mental Keys’ for our Psychology of Golf class.  I have never had so many good comments on a book.  I would certainly recommend it to anyone wishing to improve their golf game.”
- Kent Brown, Former Director, Professional Golfers Career College, Temecula, CA

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