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Serving Two Masters

I do a lot of consulting with golfers who desire to lower their scores. Some are preparing to make their mark on the professional tours, some are trying to break 100 and others are somewhere in between.

Even though there is a huge difference in the natural talent and mechanical skills within this wide range of golfers, there is a common denominator that allows me to help all of them. All golfers, including Tiger Woods, experience a certain degree of negative emotions, which adversely affect their brain's chemistry and performance.

All I have to do to help a golfer shoot lower scores at any level is show them how to reduce their negative emotions and increase their positive emotions. It is almost like magic and works every time if you use The Mental Keys to train your mind to focus on the process and allow the outcome to take care of itself.

The more you learn to master your emotions, the better you will play at any level. The more you master your mechanics, the lower you will score. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

In golf most negative emotions originate from concern of the outcome. The key to controlling your emotions is to realize that you can not serve two masters and be effective. You can choose to be process oriented or remain concerned with the outcome.

The only purpose that the outcome has is to give you direction and feedback to make the necessary adjustments to improve your mechanical and mental games. If you train you mind to focus solely on the process of improving and do the work, it is only a matter of time until you achieve your desired outcome.

If you insist on serving two masters by being concerned with the outcome while you are trying to improve the process, you greatly diminish your chances for success.

The next time you play a round of golf, stop looking over your shoulder at your score and play one shot at a time totally in the present. If you do, I guarantee you will end up with a lower score.

Keep polishing your wheel,

Michael Anthony

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