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Play Better By Feeling Better

There are two approaches to improve your mental game. The direct approach is to become totally positive, completely focused on the process and play in the present on instinct. However, this is easier said than done. The indirect approach is to work at gradually eliminating all of the negative emotions that are on your tape until you are ready to move up to the direct approach. Both approaches improve your chemistry and improve your performance.

Most golfers relate easier to the indirect path because they can readily see the direct correlation between their negative emotions and poor performance. Since your tape does a great job of having you repeat your past negative thoughts and actions, it is obvious what you have to change to improve. Why not work on both approaches at the same time?

Start by becoming aware of how easy it is to improve your performance by improving your attitude. Make sure that your glass is always half full, instead of half empty. Notice the correlations between how your performance improves when you feel good.

The medical profession is very aware that placebos work. They work because if they make you feel better and you believe they will help you, your chemistry increases and improves your body's ability to heal itself. The placebo effect works for golf as well.

How many times have you seen a golfer blame his or her putting woes on their putter. Isn't it amazing how sometimes using a new or different putter can miraculously cause a golfer to start sinking almost every putt he or she tries? When you buy a new set of golf clubs, do you find that you play better initially and then your game starts to fall off?

Better clubs will help you play better because of improved technology. Plus, new clubs will help you play better by making you feel better until the newness wears off. Since most of us can't afford to keep buying new clubs to feel better, why not simply decide to change your attitude and keep your glass half full. If you do, you will feel better and play better.

Keep polishing your wheel,

Michael Anthony

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