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Going To The Next Level

To help you understand how to reach the next level, I want to share parts of an email that I recently received.

"I purchased your book about a year ago, and subscribe to your mental golf tip newsletter. I am very much interested in learning more about the mental side of the game and have read Bob Rotella's books, Extraordinary Golf (excellent) and more. The themes are all similar and make sense. I think we all would say that we shoot our best rounds when we play 'free from fear' and 'one shot at a time.' However, it is much easier said than done.

"Any recommendations on the next phase of improvement? I have already begun to re-read The Mental Keys to Improve Your Golf and Extraordinary Golf, 3rd pass for both. Do you have any favorite books or tapes you would recommend?"

What I told him below more than likely applies to you as well.

One of the keys to develop a great mental game is to clearly realize that your mental state affects the chemistry of your brain which in turn affects your ability to perform. Then, it's just a matter of reprogramming your mind to optimize your chemistry so you can play in the zone.

You already have the answer to reach the next level, but it will require effort and practice to put it to use. So stop looking for another answer. The mental game is simple to understand. It's the doing that is the hard part, but like everything else it gets easier the more you practice.

The secret to success is to understand and know what works. Then, put all your energy and focus on doing the work to improve until you are successful. Unfortunately, most golfers do not want to do the work. Instead, they keep looking for another book or short cut to success rather than doing the necessary work required to improve. Think of it this way - first you work, then you get paid. Have you ever found it to be different?

When you can play one shot at a time totally in the present with only positive expectations of making your shot if all goes as expected, you will be at the next level. Yes, it is a lot easier said then done. But, how do you expect to reach that level without doing the work to train your mind to think that way?

Just like it takes proper training and lots of practice to hit, chip or putt at a high level of proficiency without thinking, the same holds true for your mental game. You don't have to reinvent the wheel every year. Just keep polishing your wheel until you get it as close to perfection as you can or desire.

Rereading The Mental Keys from time to time and listening to my CD Polish the Wheel before and after you play will deepen your awareness of how your mind processes information. Hopefully, you will be inspired to continue working on increasing your strengths and reducing or eliminating your weaknesses. Reading a book and listening to a CD is easy. Putting its concepts to use is the hard part, but it is the most important ingredient to success.

When winter weather puts your golf on hold, use this time to replay the rounds you played last year in your mind. This time use The Four-Step Routine after each shot and tell your tape how you want to respond the next time you get a chance to play. Your tape doesn't differentiate between what is real or imagined. So put the winter months to good use if you want to play better in the spring. During the playing season, use the same process each round you play.

You reap what you sow. So if you really want to reach the next level, use the Daily Affirmation in The Mental Keys to monitor all of your daily thoughts and actions. If you only spend five minutes every night before going to sleep reviewing your tape and replacing the negative emotions you experienced during the day with positive ones, you will get very good at sowing the seeds for future success.

The most difficult thing to train your mind to do is to continually focus on positive goals and processes regardless of your circumstances, especially if they appear negative to you. To paraphrase James Allen, "Your present circumstances and handicap are the result of your past thoughts and actions. Your future circumstances and handicap will be the result of your present thoughts and actions". So choose all of your thoughts and actions wisely. Be patient, do the work required to improve and enjoy your journey to the next level.

If you want to read a great book, read James Allen's As A Man Thinketh. "All that a man achieves and all that he fails is the direct result of his own thoughts". It is a very short book, but its message packs a wallop!

Keep polishing your wheel,

Michael Anthony

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