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The best tip that I can give you or anyone is not to take The Mental Keys lightly. These keys work by creating awareness similar to peeling an onion. Once you take off the outer skin, there are many layers to be removed before you reach the center of the onion.

This holds true for reaching your center where you will have inner peace and confidence even in the midst of intense competitive situations or any challenge you may face. The first time you read The Mental Keys to Improve Your Golf, you peel off the skin of the onion. The next time you read it, you remove another layer. What is interesting is that each time you read this book, you will find that it reveals another layer for you to remove to reach your center of perfection.

The Mental Keys provide you with a mirror so you can see the flaws in your make-up that are holding you back. The more you read it, the brighter the mirror becomes so you can no longer make excuses or rationalize away your negative behavior and actions if you want to succeed.

My CD Using The Mental Keys to Polish Your Wheel makes it even easier for you to keep removing the layers and increase your awareness. Instead of having to keep rereading my book, all you have to do is sit back and listen to my CD before and after you play. However, it helps to keep rereading my book from time to time.

As you get closer to your center using these keys, your performance will get better and better. How good you can become is just a question of how strong your desire is to succeed and how willing you are to do the work required to perfect yourself. The good thing is that the smarter and harder you work, the payback increases and the higher up the ladder of success you climb.

Once your awareness become crystal clear as to what works and what doesn't work, you are prepared to take on your biggest opponent, which is always yourself. So do yourself a major favor and don't take The Mental Keys lightly because they work if you use them. I guarantee it!

Keep polishing your wheel,

Michael Anthony

If you have not read The Mental Keys to Improve Your Golf or listened to my audio Using The Mental To Polish The Wheel, your mental game will benefit greatly by seeing the whole picture instead of just pieces contained in these mental tips.  Click to Lower Your Score

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