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Free Do-Over

Here is a brilliant technique that I picked up from one of the subscribers to my mental golf tips newsletter and why it works. I'll let you hear it directly from him.

"I was addressing my ball on the back nine this weekend and a group on the hole next to us started their cart and were yelling to each other just as I started my takeaway. I stopped and watched as they continued to behave like they were at a circus with no regard for anyone else and I felt myself becoming angry. As I stepped up to address my ball again, I noticed that I was still thinking about that other foursome instead of the task at hand. 

"I put my club back in the bag, took a drink of water, took a few moments to try and calm down, but I couldn't. Then, for some reason, I visualized the bad shot I would have hit, felt the anger, and even went through the self deprecating event of berating myself for not stopping.

"Then, something just 'hit me'. I put myself in the mind-set of a 'do-over'. I realized that I had just imagined a bad shot, felt the anger, went through all of the emotions... and realized that it was just imaginary. I had a free do-over. I felt this immediate sense of calm.

"Almost miraculously, I was able to concentrate and get back in my rhythm. I went through my whole routine and stuck the 8 iron to within 2 feet for birdie. What a great technique... I had never done this before, but it sure worked this time. It's certainly a technique I will use in the future. Maybe it's something you can probably already know it, but I thought I'd let you know anyway".

His do-over technique is brilliant. My Chapter 8: Transforming Emotions in The Mental Keys to Improve Your Golf will help you understand why it is so effective. It allowed him to immediately transform his negative emotional/chemical state into a positive one by changing his focus. It's amazing how fast you can change your chemistry and increase your ability to perform by merely changing your focus from a negative situation to a positive one, like a free do-over ūüôā

Keep polishing your wheel,

Michael Anthony

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